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Conversation with Li about life, sex, molestation, love, etc (Part 10 of 40) Harlot, which in Greek is ''porno'', means ''strumpet, idolator or whore''! Or ''one who SELLS her body for sexual uses''! especially ''in defilement for gain''! A ''hirelot''! [Somewhat of a slave!] And this word of course derives from pornos, which is where we get ''pornography.'' Either word can be the origin [porno or pornos etc.] And pornos has to do with ''a male fornicator'' but the word itself derives from a word which means to ''traffic [by travelling]'' or ''to dispose of as merchandise or into slavery'' [the contract, money, etc.] ''a selling by sailing along or as part of the ship/shipment''! (or ship-sell mentality[heart]!) You are perfectly valuable! You are free! Even those who give their body for the false value called money still can justify themselves in the act with love! Overcoming evil with good!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation life sex molestation harlot greek strumpet idolator whore sells sexual defilement gain hirelot slave pornography origin porno pornos male fornicator derives word means traffic travelling dispose merchandise slavery contract selling sailing part shipment ship sell mentality heart perfectly valuable free give body false called money justify act love overcoming evil good joshua aaron guillory

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