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Conversations with Azarah (14 of 17) We should speak with the fire of the soul for the manifesting and results of the soul! Even the word healing or heal in Greek goes all the way back to ''thera/thero'' where we get ''therapy'' and it means ''heat!'' One of the words where we get therapy of course! As body heat is a form of therapy! And keeps us warm and functioning and operating and can help restore and does the body if sick or weak! Relatively weak, that is! Azarah: This is very beautiful! I have heard you mention this before! Of the fire and belly! You are revelatory! You revelations expand the mind! in its infiniteness or infinitude of expansion!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations speak manifesting results soul word healing heal greek thera thero means words heat form therapy warm functioning operating restore body sick weak azarah beautiful heard mention fire belly revelatory revelations expand mind infiniteness infinitude expansion joshua aaron guillory

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