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Conversations with Debunka, Joshua, and Mrs. Hierling (3 of 12) Josh: So much peace and love! No need for evil or [wicked] games! Debunka: It's perfect! I never read a book or watched a movie that was as perfect as perfect peace, world peace! unless I looked at it with a world peace point of view! or as something that could be useful for world peace! Mrs. Hierling: Yeahhhh! Josh: Yeaaahhh! Mrs. Hierling: You were looking at my legs, Joshua! Josh: Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Mrs. Hierling: You can touch them anytime you want to! Hopefully I don't have diarrhea and get you! Josh: Thanks! And diarrhea can be looked at as beautiful when in connection with you! and you, Debunka! Debunka: Thanks for including me, too! [Joshua: You're welcome!]... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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