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Conversations with Josh and Carmen (10 of 13) Carmen: Josh, you keep me joyful, pleasant and at peace always! Josh: I am perfect always! I am always peace, and joy, and pleasance and love and goodness and everything you like or want in truth, [and] in me! Carmen: I am the truth! If I have you, I have truth! You help to show me what I am in myself! You alone are worthy of everything good! Josh: You're right! I alone exist! I am the infinite space of the universe! He that is in me exists! He that in not in me does not exist! Past, present, future! Everyone is in me and is me! the truth of them, that is!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations joyful pleasant perfect peace joy pleasance love goodness carmen show worthy good josh infinite space universe exists exist present future truth joshua aaron guillory

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