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Conversations with Josh and Victoria (5 of 8) Josh: Everything is peace! And peace goes in every war! Because war is peace when peace is war! Which is no war! World peace is everything! Let everything go out of the door with world peace as the only peace! Let everything good go with world peace! [or go good with world peace] Let us live at our highest, optimum level! Let the optimum level be our only level! True peace! Victoria: Perfect peace! Complete peace! Let us cut away or sever the falsehood into perfect peace! Let us cut out the fiction to the point there is no fiction or cutting away of the fiction because there is no fiction or friction in the evil-negative or negatively evil sense! Or so is viewed in the delusion! or delusionary!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh war door good world live highest optimum level true victoria complete sever falsehood perfect peace cut point cutting fiction friction negative negatively evil sense viewed delusion delusionary joshua aaron guillory

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