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Conversations with Josh and Viola (Part 17 of 22) Viola: Yeah, that is beautiful! Like how I can interpret the word don't to mean ''don t''! Don meaning ''master or lord'', or ''highest''! and t, as in the Egyptian, can mean ''you''! I don't [I perfect you] like to talk on the phone! I as the perfect you or you as the perfect I like to talk on the phone! This is an example and truth! or and example of the truth! Or it can be I don't [I at my highest self] like to talk on the phone! I don't [I ''do'' in the ''not'' or 'nothingness''] to tell everyone my business! The nothingness being the empty space, the free space, the universal all-knowing peaceful, perfect, always existing and existed space! or those operating at the highest, or their highest, complete or perfect level or self!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh part viola yeah beautiful interpret word don meaning master lord egyptian truth talk phone business nothingness empty free universal knowing peaceful existing existed space operating highest complete perfect level joshua aaron guillory

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