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Conversations with Josh, Antonio, and Clara (7 of 14) It was as if April was May! It was the day I received her text messages, May 13th of the previous year! so-called year! But it wasn't the day she actually sent/sunt the messages! My cell phone had [or was] overloaded at the time with messages and I didn't receive them until that date! Something told me to look at my phone and the date was confirmed! The relativity of dates came true at that moment or time! It was perfect! Clara: Wow! cool! that is perfect! Antonio: Yes, that surely is! It's like a miracle that you thought of that! It was like it was in your subconscious at the time! or conscious at the time!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh april received text 13th previous called year day sunt cell overloaded messages receive told phone date confirmed relativity dates true moment clara wow cool perfect antonio surely miracle thought subconscious conscious time joshua aaron guillory

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