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Conversations with Josh, Mallory, Harry, and Jamison (8 of 13) Mallory: It's like you don't feel the hate or despising of anyone! It's like you have got and are your intention! You always had a goodwill and desired goodwill and your will or desire is good because of it! You are good because of it! Jamison: You are your desire! The cause and manifestation of God's! Josh: Yes! indeed! we all are! Harry: All of us in truth! Life is so exciting! Joshua, never leave me nor forsake me! Josh: I am world peace! This truth never leaves nor forsakes you! It's always here and it's always in you! Josh: I'm always here and I'm always in you!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations mallory feel hate despising intention desired goodwill good jamison desire manifestation god harry life exciting leave forsake world peace truth leaves forsakes josh joshua aaron guillory

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