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Conversations with Luther and Josh (12 of 20) [Narration: The moderate or warm or untemperate but temperate temperature, relatively which can and is cold and hot, but neither!] Josh: The crusade fixation! Or fixing for the cross or betterment or overness of man and creation and life as a whole! A permanence of the impermanent to make permanent! or permanently perfect! The boundary or bound line or illusionary line or real line to cross over or come to or turn around to! etc. To get there and come back for experience or discovery and beyond it for experience or discovery or uncovery! The same, the change, all the same, forever and forevermore! [Narration: A crusade fixation or fixing can also be/be also applied to the moving, move, or movement of unification or attachment! LOVE! or love! are love!] - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations luther moderate warm untemperate temperate temperature cold hot josh betterment overness man creation life permanence impermanent permanent permanently perfect boundary bound illusionary real line cross turn experience discovery uncovery change forevermore narration crusade fixation fixing applied moving move movement unification attachment love joshua aaron guillory

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