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Conversations with Luther and Josh (15 of 20) Josh: What He penetrates into is the division or dividing, the separation or separating, and yet everything remains the same! remains in unity, in harmony, in tact, intact, together! The tactics or stratagems [or strategems] of the heart or mind, the joints or marrow, the soul or spirit, is one! One with and for world peace! The universal perfection! And splitting [or spliting] and commitment [committment] to the split to the freedom, perfection, interchange, exchange, and unity and sameness, or same time, or sametimeness, of all! [Narration: He, She or It] Luther: And that is the ripping or raping or rapping, The musical penetrations of the soul or spirit and the discerner or buildering or building into and of and beyond of the heart and thought or thought and heart! or thought as heart or heart as thought!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh penetrates division dividing separation separating remains harmony tact intact tactics stratagems strategems mind joints marrow world peace universal splitting spliting commitment committment split freedom perfection interchange exchange unity sameness time sametimeness narration luther ripping raping rapping musical penetrations soul spirit discerner buildering building heart thought joshua aaron guillory

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