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Conversations with Nadia and Josh or Josh and Nadia (11 of 14) Nadia: You are me and I am you! Josh: I am you and you are me! Nadia & Josh: ha-ha! Nadia: I agree with you, Josh! Josh: And I agree with you too, Nadia! Nadia: What are you thinking about? Josh: You! You and me! Nadia: I knew it! and with certainty! Josh: I'm thinking about this question I'm going to ask you! now! Do you agree that if I stick my cock in your mouth that it is the same as me holding your hands or being in your presense watching the moonlight! if the intention is good of course! Nadia: Yes! And do you agree if I have you lick my pussy and dance all over you and around you and take your manhood in the process by making you worship my body that it is the same as those things or anything good thing you have mentioned or thought or can think! if it with good intention of course? Josh: Yes! Just being in your presence satisfies me!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations knew certainty thinking question stick cock mouth holding hands presense watching moonlight nadia agree lick pussy dance manhood process making worship body mentioned thought good intention josh presence satisfies joshua aaron guillory

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