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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 6 of 13) Josh: Yes, exactly! And not only that, which you are right about, but they will even try to appease themselves with the thought or feeling or words/words that you are jealous of their ability to do this, as they think you can't or you won't, or won't be able to! With the style or styles of beauty or just one or two or three, or etc. of an infinite ways of looking at beauty, glory or style! or even truth! or even a reality! The reason I'm free is because I see past it or beyond it! I'm free to break free from it at anytime, to the point that I'm not even breaking free necessarily! That style of eloquence that the world has come to know, that in the so-called recordings of the sun and moon or Saturn you do not necessarily hear! And the planets and suns are operating perfectly!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations sarah jay part josh appease thought feeling words jealous ability styles infinite ways beauty glory truth reality reason break anytime point breaking free style eloquence world called recordings sun moon saturn necessarily hear planets suns operating perfectly joshua aaron guillory

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