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Conversations with Sarah Jay (Part 7 of 13) Why should I be bound to the rhythmic noise [that of the so-called humans] as if it's right or the only right way!? for mankind? buguglagutubeebee hatsgbutt is beautiful to me! That contains the cure to cancer in those words! and is the cure to cancer! Not only the sounds or vibration but freedom it gives to the soul! or the sounds or vibrations of it that gives freedom to the soul! Sarah Jay: I see what you mean! We got to break the rhythm and conditioning if we want true freedom! and at the same time not be so imprisoned as to feel we can't embrace or engage in the so-called human rhythms of perfection or beauty! Josh: I agree! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations part bound rhythmic noise humans mankind buguglagutubeebee hatsgbutt beautiful words cure cancer vibration sounds vibrations soul sarah jay break rhythm conditioning true freedom time imprisoned feel embrace engage called human rhythms perfection beauty josh agree joshua aaron guillory

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