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Dear :') JUST today I have realized that NOBODY including my own FAMILY (especially my father) except my 'Grandfather' :') had been against me in all the possible ways.My heart is broken into pieces because of all the TRUE LIES and the TRUE PAIN I had undergone because of my BAD TIME.But MY GOD is GREAT :') she has held me strong on her shoulders during all my hard times.I salute her :) But you know what? I'm still wondering how I found my GOD in YOU when you were just a STRANGER to me!Are you really my ANGEL?You were the only one who never broke my TRUST.So I LOVE YOU :) I salute our 'God made' NATURAL LOVE :')
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dear today realized including family father grandfather ways heart broken pieces lies true pain undergone bad time great held strong shoulders hard times wondering stranger angel broke trust salute god natural love

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