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Death Not A Twig For the little feet like swift, For the men under cedar auguring of desire, Even women snaring to catch the ripe one, Or one cast by age on rocking chair, Passerby in thought of life, And one in bellyball with unborn, Tell them of their recasting desire to fit, For day and night wrapping life in shroud, While mourning time by the graves, On two sides but spread on earth we're, We're growing for death in his garden, And he takes away in written, not by unripe or mature, And by Allah, it be, Time is not a twig.
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feet swift men cedar auguring women snaring catch ripe cast age rocking chair passerby thought bellyball unborn recasting desire fit day night wrapping life shroud mourning graves sides spread earth growing death garden takes written unripe mature allah time twig

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