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Dream on I say........... If only ........one can only dream how wonderful Africa would be. If only African countries, blessed with vast amounts of natural resources had responsible leadership to harness, manage these vast resources for the people and build great nations. If only most African leaders were more emphatic and identified with the plight of the people they lead, in the process provide security, health care, good roads and all manner of infrastructure for their people. If only in Africa, the life of a fellow countrymen is valued and genocides such as occurred in Rwanda, Sudan etc ethnic cleansing, child soldiers and all manner of barbaric/terrible violence were not all perpetuated in the name of war and tribal conflict etc. If only bribery and corruption was not as rife and the emphasis was on developing countries/nations, providing for the poorest in the society and building the foundation for a better future. If only the African brain drain, that has occurred over the last
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