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EMOTIONS..." Songs do tell us story...it not only changes our mood but gives us a ride of different emotions..indeed a roller coaster of emotions!!!! The time I tuned in "baby doll mein sone Di."..I was so enthusiast and excited..as if I'll start to dance.. But then came the song "janatein kahan"...a little bump I felt..I didn't understand whether it came from my heart or abdominal region..but whatever was it..It surely carried some emotions.. The emotions which by now were just a torn page of the book of my life...it had many yellow spots of dirt... May b for sometime..I forgot the worst part of it..n was lost in my fairy tale world. Was mesmerizing n got fully wet in the rain of emotions... Suddenly!! The song got over ..I came back to my present...leaving the torn page as it was...or may be by adding some more dust to it...!!!!
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songs story mood ride roller coaster time tuned baby doll mein sone enthusiast excited start dance janatein kahan bump felt understand heart abdominal region surely carried book life yellow spots dirt forgot worst part lost fairy tale world mesmerizing fully wet rain emotions suddenly song present leaving torn page adding dust

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