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Enaku ipdi iruka pidikala. If you want me to give you all then,en koode vandhu pesu.But then too,I can't give you all.Because I don't want to give my pain to you,because I'm like your mother.But I will share my pain to you :D I still believe in my dream,because I confirmed the suspense.Yes it's YOU :) I don't want to cheat you,because I love you.But be TRUTHFUL to me.If you want me to give you high position and power,I will make you become like that,but you should be without 'greediness'.I will tell you the easiest possible way to become like me is,SPEAK TO ME DIRECTLY,telling me "YES! it me dear,I want to be your better half immediately".Then I will marry you :)
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enaku ipdi iruka pidikala koode vandhu pesu mother share pain dream confirmed suspense cheat love truthful give high position power greediness easiest speak telling dear immediately marry

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