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Every year, the prices of education are growing enormously. And the government turns to expensive. The government thinks mole, preferably more laborers than intelligent researchers. Rector: we sift those we feel unworthy to continue our studies. They are especially satisfied with the most difficult obstacles to intelligent bandwidth you were very hard to finish university for you. Due to corruption and cronyism, whether you're at least three times the educated, come down to the level of doctoral phd. You can not in such a cynical and amoral society to find a normal job. Come to the director, and he throws up his hands they say: We have no vacancies. And you can hear how one comes to powerful and successful man with his son. And you can hear them talking outside the door. Director: Oh, hello, hello. Oh, it's your son as he grew up. Son (picking his nose). Influential people: listen to others, you can arrange dullish my son to work well through connections. Well, old friend. (If you do n
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year prices education growing enormously turns expensive government thinks mole preferably laborers researchers rector sift feel unworthy continue studies satisfied difficult obstacles intelligent bandwidth hard finish university due corruption cronyism times educated level doctoral phd cynical amoral society find normal job throws hands vacancies powerful successful man hear talking door director grew picking nose influential people listen arrange dullish son work connections friend

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