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"Everything you will ever be is a product of your heart. So be careful of what you think, what you believe and what you ponder on. BJ Sam quote "You can't reach the pinnacle if you are not humble". BJ Sam quote. "There's something unique and special about you that the world is awaiting to see or hear. Make sure you discover it, polished and showcase it". BJ Sam quote
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product heart careful ponder reach pinnacle humble unique special world awaiting hear discover polished showcase sam

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Bjsam on August 6, 2016, 1:26 am
BJ Sam is an international recording Artist, film music Composer, Author, Model, Actor, motivational Speaker and Singer who connects with his audience through inspirational writings and beautiful uplifting songs that resonates with their dreams and aspirations. BJ Sam is the Author of "Before The Sunrise" an inspirational book written to make everyone realize that we are all born with talents and Stars, so we must discover our talent and reach out for the star no matter the dark and dreary the night may seem. This book will prepares every reader to overcome the challenges they will encounter on their partway to greatness. This book will make every reader realise that no matter their disabilities, they have something Special to offer the world. BJ Sam catchy delightful melody and heart-warming songs captivates all ages and stages and has been gaining increasing popularity on several radio stations across the globe, his lovely songs ignite playlists worldwide and serve a perfect soundtrack for many Tv shows, films and other media. BJ Sam was born in Nigeria. He was formerly a member of the IBC Choir; an international classical mass choir consisting of different professional Singers. BJ Sam became a force to be reckoned with globally in 2014 after releasing his hit single "The Star Will Always Shine" which instantly grabbed the attention of many Hollywood Music Supervisors who added his songs to their catalogues. http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=178018 In 2014 BJ Sam signed a non-exclusive contract with one of the top Hollywood music Supervisor Suzanne Hilleary the President of WACBIZ, LLC, a New York based music licensing company which has had placements from MTV, NBC, HBO to FOX, Lakeshore Films to Sony Pictures, Paramount etc to represent and license BJ Sam songs for Hollywood Films, TV Episodes, Games and Web/Ad campaigns. http://www.wacbiz.com/BJ-Sam/artist/1040 In 2014 BJ Sam also signed a global distribution deal with Africori in partnership with IODA, one of the world’s largest music distribution companies based in London. http://thenationonlineng.net/bj-sam-gets-international-recognition/ From 2014 several companies across the world to began licensing BJ Sam music including Sound Pro Music Canada, Gateway Films USA, XerciseLab Russia, Film Motion Austria, Splendeeds musiq France and countless others. http://www.mtv.com/artists/bj-sam/biography/ In 2014 BJ Sam also signed a non exclusively record deal with DJ CENTRAL Records Australia and Blue Pie Records USA in distribution partnership with Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary “RED MUSIC”. http://www.djcentral.tv/prepare-to-be-mesmerised-by-bj-sam-and-his-brand-new-hit-everything-will-be-fine/ In January 2015 BJ Sam released a single "Show Some Love" aimed at bringing harmony to the universe due to series of crisis and wars erupting all around the world. The song has been used for several world peace campaigns and also added to world anti-war songs database. http://www.antiwarsongs.org/canzone.php?id=48786&lang=en In December 2015 BJ Sam released another single "You are Special, So I am" from his second solo studio album Sweet Melody. The song took off with a fantastic start hitting the US chart, the UK chart and few other countries chart. From the video it’s easy to see why his fans reverie him as Sammy Wonder. The video was filmed and directed by a French Movie production company JamProduction international films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grcpH9BEeGo After listening to his beautiful songs, BJ Sam may become your favorite artist. checkout more of his songs at https://soundcloud.com/bjsam http://www.twitter.com/bjsaam http://www.twitter.com/bjsaam Email: bjsam@live.com

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