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God created mankind in his own image. and then Adam and Eve gave into temptation and ate from the tree of knowledge and sin. And then mankind was introduced to sin, death and suffering. After the descendant of Adam and Eve had to begin to populate they tried to build a tower to heaven. "The tower of bable"god counfused man by introducing diffrent races and languages among man and all the people began to fight and leave to to set up diffrent cultures and spread out among the earth. And shortly later war between difrent cultures diffrent counties bgan. So i belive God made diffrent races and ethnicity so that mankind will challenge each other instead of challenging Gods athority. He knows mankind will destroy its self because man is greedy and tempted to evil very easily and will eventually cause the extinction of the human race. Biblically when that day comes the rapture and war on earth between good and evil will begin. And earth will become the new hell. We got change our thinking and
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created image gave temptation ate tree knowledge introduced sin death suffering descendant adam eve populate build heaven tower bable counfused introducing languages people began fight leave set spread shortly difrent cultures counties bgan belive god diffrent races ethnicity challenge challenging gods athority mankind destroy man greedy tempted easily eventually extinction human race biblically day rapture war good evil earth hell change thinking

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Kruthika on December 6, 2016, 4:56 am
I appreciate your imagination :)

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