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God gives those of us who are spiritual the true wisdom! Like when the Bible says in Jude about us having compassion on some and others saving with fear and making a difference! The wise understand this! You permit easily and freely those who are living right into the kingdom of paradise or world peace! Others you have to put restraints upon and sometimes instill terror whether they're temporarily outside the gate or inside the gate of paradise/heaven/world peace! He that hath an ear let him hear! He that hath spiritual understanding this is for you! It will come a time when the technology and spirituality will be so high that there will be no need to intimidate others or restrain others because things will force peace! Sensors on and around and in the bodies, detectors, things of all sorts will ensure, insure, and assure this! Some can pass the entrance freely and be together with us and others are fenced to some degree to protect their own souls and others! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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