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Governments and organizations stood in the apex of the food chains, while society diverges into nothingness and delusions of what we call life. Few really lived. Hence when it comes to the reality of convergence, The Real becomes unreal, lies and deception molds our society bringing forth chaos, strife, wars, injustice and deaths. Even Death is much more appreciated than the mere hope of clinging to life, it seems a far etched dream for those who are broken, and beyond repair. And yet in this endless continuum, why do Life persist against all of the uneven? for there is still beauty that lingers. Live.
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governments organizations stood apex food chains diverges nothingness delusions call lived reality convergence real unreal lies deception molds society bringing chaos strife wars injustice deaths death appreciated mere hope clinging etched dream broken repair endless continuum life persist uneven beauty lingers live

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Oriah_maffa on January 3, 2016, 1:29 pm
Funny to be caught, but hard to pay the consequences

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