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However, when speaking to my friend, who I discussed in the last quote or poem, I do admit that although he wasn't fully committed in the enlightenment, there is a loyalty to people that he has that most people don't have that are enlightened. And a loyalty that myself have become more in tuned with as I've progressed in degrees. Because he goes back and forth in the world and to the world, the ignorant people or ignorance mentality, he remains loyal to them in that they can go to him with open arms. Our friendship, in many of its ways, had broken due to me, and the unsavoriness of some of his ways due to him. Had the unsavoriness of some of the things he did at that time not existed or my perception of it we still would have been closer friends. But everything was supposed to happen and I experienced a freedom from it. Although I must say, that I understood his unsavoriness but found it detrimental to my own personal mission of world peace, as it relates to me. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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speaking friend discussed poem admit fully committed enlightenment enlightened loyalty tuned progressed degrees ignorant people ignorance mentality remains loyal open arms friendship broken ways due time existed perception closer friends supposed happen experienced freedom understood unsavoriness detrimental personal mission world peace relates joshua aaron guillory

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