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Hypocrisy stumble in faith to madtree dances in wind, in belief, love, duty to chameleons in thought and way, Their thought to swoosh arrows in darkness, target clouded, to warriors graves, to affection is poisoned, to bulwark is betray, Its malady rooted in pleasure, pelf, voluptuous bed while their rocking faith drenched in bottle or praise from feet, hands, Shabbily heart to rag within table for desire when negotiate, O! Faceless event in you hypocrisy when hunt for just ones, But hypocrite day like a century in pelf, famous drag to dusky, So be their sword rust in water, reign fleeting to comets, By hypocrisy portion in time slipped in bright stark gravity, And world woes to their errors, unfair, their impact on runts, So you hypocrisy hidden hell in paradise to fool others, So you rear doves in sight while slithering to slit others.
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stumble madtree dances wind belief love duty chameleons thought swoosh arrows darkness target clouded warriors graves affection poisoned bulwark betray malady rooted pleasure voluptuous bed rocking faith drenched bottle praise feet hands shabbily heart rag table desire negotiate faceless event hunt hypocrite day century pelf famous drag dusky sword rust water reign fleeting comets portion time slipped bright stark gravity world woes errors unfair impact runts hypocrisy hidden hell paradise fool rear doves sight slithering slit

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