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I am not afraid of leaving I'm afraid of not looking at my memory and missing that piece the piece of reassuring and the piece of not being able to tell them how much I love them I'll never fully understand the silence of disturb I don't know how one person could take their own blood it's a unworthy sin yes I admit life is a blood bath parents are undeniably they do not believe in the river and the Lord they do not see the damage they could do to one small child they create to make and make to destroy I could only say how much I love him. Who is him? He's a unfaithful boy he does not know how to be a man of God I will leave him to the test but I wish I did not leave him to his dares
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leaving afraid memory missing reassuring piece fully understand silence disturb person unworthy sin admit life blood bath parents undeniably river lord damage small child create destroy love unfaithful boy man god test leave dares

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