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I believe that each enlightened teacher should educate the people, depending on his vocation/purpose! But I also believe the students, who are teachers themselves, should strive for honesty in the/their lesson/message! & should seek to give credit where credit is do! & not burden themselves with this too much but as they rightly see fit! & also understand the value/beauty of self-edification not just in reading books [written teachers] but in the contemplation of one's own thought beyond the books or outside the books! Everything is nature including books, but there is a beauty in getting the revelation outside but as well as in books! But I've found sometimes the stronger the person is the more they came up with a thought themselves! as the case is with me! Much of what I read in books I already know! and some degree all of it I already know! Improvements, extensions or variations may or may not be different but the foundation/al truth/truths remain the same! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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enlightened teacher educate people depending vocation purpose students strive honesty lesson message seek give credit burden rightly fit understand edification reading written teachers contemplation nature including beauty revelation stronger person thought case read books degree improvements extensions variations foundation truth truths remain joshua aaron guillory

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