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I love to gaze when it starts to fall , A white blanket really mesmerizing . Bringing joy to every deceased soul , A blessing that steals every soul . Walking in the streets full of snow , Pays me everything i ever dreamt of . The snowy memories made inside , Heals all the sorrows in a glimpse. Its all what a departed soul needs , Just to wake and sung life again . What more could a tear ask for , While standing in the beloved's way. Every year i hold my breath for this fall, What it taught me is something eternal. Never will i forget this snowy memory , A soul just needs to dwell like this forever. _11mark
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love gaze starts white blanket mesmerizing bringing joy deceased blessing steals walking streets full snow pays dreamt memories heals sorrows glimpse departed wake sung life tear standing beloved year hold breath fall taught eternal forget snowy memory soul dwell _11mark

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