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I'm like the Annabelle doll: I'm going to terrify the capitalistic society! I'm going to haunt you until you accept world peace! Until you accept it into your minds! You will possess & be possessed! The spiritual etymology of the English word heaven comes from the word ''heave'' & 'en/in,'' which means to possess within/inside & to lift up into. It's a high experience that one possesses within & is possessed by! He thinks it, believes it, desires it! From head down to belly up! & also as the Annabelle doll I will move when I want to move & when you're not looking/least expect it! And remember all demons are not bad! There are weakling demons like those who stay around me that are bad! But the angels in heaven/the kingdom of light become demons to demons/devils to devils when they have to/feel they have to, which to some degree is the same! The Bible even says some save with fear & others with compassion, knowing the difference! I must save you to world peace. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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terrify capitalistic society haunt accept minds spiritual etymology english word heave means possess lift high experience possesses possessed thinks believes desires head belly annabelle doll move expect remember weakling stay bad angels heaven kingdom light demons devils feel degree bible fear compassion knowing difference save world peace joshua aaron guillory

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