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I say Hinduism and it's culture is totally amazing!But it were the faults of the Kshatriya who were the main reason for the caste discrimination,using their power in the wrong sense.For example:Sacrificing a 'horse' to praise the lord for their false victory.And this made the lower caste people to move away from the good culture unknowingly for their own peace and development which created this RELIGION PROBLEM.The moral is BE SENSIBLE AND NOT OUTRAGEOUS BEING AMBITIOUS! Our god does not need any pooja or sacrifice,but to be good,true and serve others by helping others.Even as I said,the nature wants a balance.So I REQUEST YOU TO PRESERVE NATURE and (GIVE ME FREEDOM) :'( Enna vittudunga :'(
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hinduism totally amazing faults kshatriya main reason discrimination power wrong sense sacrificing horse praise lord false victory caste people move culture unknowingly peace development created religion problem moral outrageous ambitious god pooja sacrifice good true serve helping balance request preserve nature give freedom enna vittudunga

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