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I was a child and now I have grown up,,Since from childhood I have had the previledge to get advice from so many people ,motivation from both maline and feminine species.I was tamed by different methods ,beatings being one of the most painful methods.Back then I didn’t realise the reason for all this.I considered it cruelity but now as I look back from where I came from and where I am now ,I realise that in all my experiences mentined above ,it was simply a puzzle of love I needed to solve and realise that in life one has to be strong and self independent.No one is going to be there forever.Most sadly the most wonderful and intresting people are taken whilst we still want them be it death or just a division of two different paths.I have lost some and some are still with me.I met some each and everyone who has affected my life either positively or negatively.Some even showed me the aspect of love I had never experienced .All in all and of great importance what I learnt is that though so
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child grown childhood previledge advice motivation maline feminine species tamed beatings painful methods didn reason considered cruelity experiences mentined simply puzzle needed solve realise strong independent sadly wonderful intresting people death division paths lost met affected life positively negatively showed aspect love experienced great importance learnt

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