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I would suggest to everyone that lives around me that has brought some negative or positive energy into my life, accept your behavior for what it is, and the same thing goes for members on searchquotes, poemhunter or ownquotes. Most likely I will talk about you in future books, interviews, songs, movies, sermons, lectures or speeches. My exposing you as apart of my life and experience should be peaceful to you if you're living righteously, honestly, or truthfully in your minds. I will expose you by name most likely! full name, that is! It's all about perception. We get mad, as human beings, because someone talks about what we did, when they're right! not just wrong! But if we would just embrace ourselves then what would we really need to be mad at? Do you care about what the world thinks about you or have you transcended it? Like when I said silliness is a form of happiness, wise and true people would have known I was talking about being fun and humorous. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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