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If my visage washy, my heart reek to rotten egg, If casualty is war, canon my miss mouth tonight, If collided two momentum then I collided with peg, If blemish is ship when wrecked, flotsam my heart. Once again am gashed in heart to ink carnation, With Miss Ray heart to rocking love, If I gather, Oh! brother, my beloved to foggy moon, And rejected me nor trial, no reason for. Know if bad to know, delight is musk in sense, Be patience not slither reloading heart to leadball, To elastic love rooted in deen after collided with love, So you sailing not mirage even if seen her alone, long haul. Enliven shroud heart from befallen night, counterpart Enliven your time to seek her heart in new millions night.
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visage washy reek rotten egg casualty war canon mouth tonight momentum peg blemish ship wrecked flotsam gashed ink carnation ray rocking gather brother beloved foggy moon rejected trial reason bad delight musk sense patience slither reloading leadball elastic rooted deen collided love sailing mirage long haul shroud befallen counterpart enliven time seek heart millions night

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