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If she gave you her heart again would you take it for granted? if she loved u like she used to when she loved you without restraints & unconditionally would u break her heart again? if she went the extra mile, and started a freshly start though in the eyes of others she would look foolish would you change your life around, would you love her like she deserves to be loved?would you show her her worth, her value, would you treat her like a queen and guide her to forget the pain she felt when constantly you broke her and tore her heart again and again? would she be your number one, your number two, your number three? or your only one to ride with until death slips you both away? would it be worth the fight or would the fight be in vain at the end? would it? or wouldn't it? Pita Mathews May 31, 2016
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gave granted restraints unconditionally break extra mile started freshly start eyes foolish change life love deserves loved show treat queen guide forget pain felt constantly broke tore heart number ride death slips worth fight vain pita mathews 2016

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