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"In Liberty, and Justice for all..." Gays, Bis,Lesbians, transvestite, etc...Why is there no Justice for them? Justice for all means, no matter what hair colour, what race you are, what gender, and what gender you are attracted to, you will not be discriminated, hurt, or laughed at. Yet, why is there no Justice for them? If I love the gender opposite of my own, then I am normal?What if I began to love the same sex as my own, then am I somehow not normal any more? What does it mean to be "Normal" what does it mean to you? What does "Justice" mean to you? It is not killing someone who is not the same as you, because we are all the same. We my have different skin, hair, clothes, religion, and many other things, but we We know what is right and wrong, but why is it that my right, is your wrong?
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liberty gays bis lesbians transvestite means matter colour race attracted discriminated hurt laughed gender began love sex normal justice killing skin hair clothes religion wrong

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