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It is a madness to think that people are required to look at your content, whether it's a movie, book, quotation, picture, painting or poem! What makes you the special individual out of zillions of humans, past, present and future, or other creatures for that matter, where someone is obligated to look at you - to spend all their time on you! These entrapments or enslavements are insane. And equally insane are those who are still trying to counter poems or quotes from me that are uncounterable! From my perspective that is. Anyone can create their own perspective or interpretation of someone else's work different from the author or creator's intention! It's like one person saying ''apples are red'' and then another person saying ''no, there are green ones, too.'' The person who said apples are red are speaking about a specific kind of apple! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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madness people required content movie book quotation picture painting poem special individual zillions humans present future creatures matter obligated spend time entrapments enslavements equally insane counter poems quotes uncounterable create perspective interpretation work author creator intention green person apples red speaking specific kind apple joshua aaron guillory

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