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It Lays Down To Destroyed Why question lays eggs in nest, UCH remained UCH and death is dragging our brothers and sisters, LUTH jabberwocky when define, For sick sees no reason to visit it again, Why we must questioned and answered is our problems to be solved, My question lays like turtle at a coast my country, Why a state against itself is like a lion killing its cubs, Have tasted misfortune like paste while am still suffering of my state, But my hopeful not curse for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) saying. I must act to change like rainbow, And I must pray for you when rainfall, And day must be quiet for time knows you are striving to full the table, but time should whip the devils in bolt, For devils want to break you apart. Never lay to devils.
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destroyed eggs nest remained uch death dragging brothers sisters luth jabberwocky define sick sees reason visit questioned answered problems solved question lays turtle coast country lion killing cubs tasted misfortune paste suffering state hopeful curse prophet muhammad act change rainbow pray rainfall day quiet striving full table time whip bolt break lay devils

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