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Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God. He is God’s mind in a Person – the Truth of God personified and in contrary your own mind, your feelings and your emotions make up the flesh that always lead you to Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible is the written parallel to that. Therefore, the Bible is the final written authority for the Truth. It is why the Bible cannot be compromised. It is why we must discover, embrace, and through the indwelling of Christ obey Biblical doctrine. Doing so will lead us in a relationship with Christ. And a relationship with Christ will always point us back to the Bible as the written description. Christianity did not emerge from a list of doctrines or teachings that Jesus handed out. No. Doctrines and teachings emerged from Christianity – from the experience of CHRIST IN US. The apostles and early Christians experienced the Son of God through the Holy Spirit, and this was written down
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