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Josh and Misty Conversations (12 of 22) Not everyone gets it or understands it! Not everyone up till this point in time in the minds of men, as they relate time, have ''agreed'' or ''come to an understanding'' of true love or world peace! although they have in the immortalness or eternity of Space! before the foundation of the world and now and always! Understanding! The tree ''stands'' from what's ''under'' it! Subjection! and the root! The root is the tree! Unity! And the seeds and etc. The ground! To put oneself ''under'' or in obedience to the ''stance''! Or standing! the authority! Standing still or standing firm! Standing upright! Right up over you! Understanding, to see from the bottom, how the tree operates! A thorough sight or vision or seeing!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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josh misty conversations understands point minds men relate time agreed true love peace immortalness eternity space foundation world stands subjection root unity seeds ground oneself obedience stance authority firm standing upright understanding bottom tree operates sight vision joshua aaron guillory

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