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Josh and Misty Conversations (4 of 22) Dis can also mean ''away''! Away from ease or one's god self can be the cause of disease! or dis-ease! And getting away from people who are not operating at godself, or good self, or highest self, or complete or perfect self, can bring or keep you at ease! Can make life easy or easier! Misty: Exactly! And or getting away in mind, whether or not you're around people operating below or not in mental or emotional harmony with their godself, or goodself, or perfect or highest or complete self! That is! Josh: You're right! my love! Misty: And when you allow yourself to ''shine''! When you allow yourself to express yourself freely and lovingly! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations god disease dis good bring ease life easy easier mind people operating mental emotional harmony godself goodself perfect highest complete josh love misty shine express freely lovingly joshua aaron guillory

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