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Josh and Misty Conversations (6 of 22) Misty: Beautiful! Even ''Dis'' meaning shine can be related to the Sun! The shune or shun or sun! Shine, or shin, or sin! ''Sin'', the moon god, carried or reflected or gave light! Light of itself, light of the sun! The light of the Sun that's of it too! Shun can mean to send away, as the Sun goes away, and the moon comes! And shun can represent the empty space or darkness! It carries the u or upsilon or vav! That which is fixed or remains permanent in or of or as the universe! Everywhere at all times, encompassing all things and all beings! That sounds like the Carlton Pearson quote!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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josh conversations misty beautiful dis meaning related shune shine shin sin god carried reflected gave light send sun moon shun represent empty space darkness carries upsilon vav fixed remains permanent universe times encompassing beings sounds carlton pearson joshua aaron guillory

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