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Joshua and Zana Conversations (16 of 41) The conversation escalated to me talking about me being locked in and getting free food! As I said that! I said something along the lines of when the store is or was closed that I would or would have been locked in and able to eat free food! And of course after saying that it would be locked I then said that it was or was it a 24 hour store! To which her answer was along the so-called lines of my initial statement or response of the store being closed, when she said it closed at 12 now [12 AM]! And in regards to me eating food that the food wasn't free [she basically said the food wasn't free in her thought] and then she, after thinking and my saying that there were overnight stockers, said that they were guys or men who would chain me [up]! And to that I said basically, ''That's great''! And I told her to have a great day! And that was said as I was leaving and I left!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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zana conversations conversation escalated talking eat locked hour answer called lines initial statement response store closed eating food free thought thinking overnight stockers guys men chain basically told great day leaving left joshua aaron guillory

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