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Just sitting here thinking how many of us are so blessed and we don't even realize it...we get so used to having things...hot water....nice warm beds...cars to drive and usually more than one...closets full of clothing with several of the same color and type...some with tags still on them, we throw food out because we don't feel like eating leftovers, we couldn't possibly go without our makeup or ...nail polish, manicures, pedicures, we simply must see that movie, go out to that restaurant, buy this and buy that..we sometimes forget that someone may have none of the things above and we look the other way ...they only want a warm coat, blanket, shelter from the cold, clean water to shower and some food...help me God to notice and reach out to others in need.
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sitting thinking blessed realize hot nice beds cars drive closets full clothing color type tags throw feel eating leftovers possibly makeup nail polish manicures pedicures simply movie restaurant buy forget warm coat blanket shelter cold clean water shower food god notice reach

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