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Last Night He is out there somewhere waiting for me, I know it, and I can feel it. This what we all hope for in youth? Is it true? It began last night. I thought about him when things weren’t going well. To hell with my pride tonight, i am drinking I am letting my tears fall down. They say there are plenty of them out there but I found none. I am feeling it and I won’t let go. Oh dear, is this love or is it just loneliness? My god, this whisky is good. He is out somewhere, ignorant, and I am here writing for the sake of ease. You might think it’s a break up consequence, but it’s not. He is not aware of this unpleasant reality. Do you think I would have ruined our fragile friendship with my foolish sensation? I am drunk enough to let go my pain but the sun is almost up and so is my companion for the night. Cheers...
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waiting feel hope youth true began thought weren hell pride tonight drinking letting tears fall plenty feeling won dear love loneliness god whisky good ignorant writing sake ease break consequence aware unpleasant reality ruined fragile friendship foolish sensation drunk pain sun companion night cheers

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