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Lightning and thunder with powering black rain is what I want to be in right now. I want the lightning to strike me right in the heart, till it melts. I want the thunder to ring so loud in my ears that my drums will pop. I want the rain to be like acid, and wash my eyes out, so there’ll be no more tears running down on my cheeks. But most of all I want the God if there is one, to take the love that I got, away from me; for it is torture, it is harsh, it is sad, it is maddening, it is hopeless, it is faithless, but most of it is just plain heart breaking. For it hurts in and out-side of my soul. It is worse than any physical pain that I ever felt in my life. It hurts so bad that I would rather go to hell and burn for infinite. For if I have this crucial love any longer, I just might do something very horrible like that I think of jumping over a cliff to my death every single day; because this love is just driving me nuts. But then again the love that I got, you can take it away from me,
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powering black lightning strike melts thunder ring loud ears drums pop rain acid wash eyes tears running cheeks god torture harsh sad maddening hopeless faithless plain heart breaking side soul worse physical pain felt life hurts bad hell burn infinite crucial longer horrible jumping cliff death single day driving nuts love

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