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Live your truth and you will succeed and make enemies! The more enemies you make the closer to God you remain! Even God in heaven has the devils make war to try to overthrow Him! And yet he remains in the perfect peace & satisfaction of heaven! As I always do! World peace is heaven, is paradise, or any blessed afterlife men speak of! It is a state & that state is the place of infinite abundance, knowledge, wealth, wisdom, resources, faith, confidence & more! & yes of course love! which consists of all the beautiful & pleasant & necessary things for world peace/eternal life in heaven! That which you possess within! God always reveals things to me & afterwards it seems and is as though he reveals it through another/another medium! & yes, watch out for those who are trying to ruin you & will try the last trick when they know for certain & undeceivingly they're at the end that they will try to say they have tested you! No, I passed all tests before ever taking them! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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live truth succeed enemies closer remain devils war overthrow remains perfect satisfaction paradise blessed afterlife men speak state place infinite abundance knowledge wealth wisdom resources faith confidence love consists beautiful pleasant world peace eternal life heaven possess god reveals medium watch ruin trick undeceivingly tested passed tests joshua aaron guillory

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