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(Money 15/16) It is no obligation of mine to look at your poems on the front page!/quotes on the front page! unless of course I'm inspired! & everything I say is relative to time, certain times, & beyond time which you probably, most likely, can't, don't [&/ don't] possibly think you can fathom/think! It is no wonder you who have been thinking you've been winning some sick & funny game in your own minds keep being amazed how I continuously write, submit, type/send poems! & in an unaffected/undistraught way! [& before joining PoemHunter, the first time, my searches were for the classical/older poets, as Shakespeare, Paine, Bacon, Byron, Angelou,... Lowell, etc. They were at that time and even much later a main or primary focus of interest. But of course I'm so infatuated with myself and intelligence that I rarely look at any of theirs, which doesn't mean I won't look at theirs or yours in the future! We'll, and I'll, have to see! ha-ha!] - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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money obligation quotes front page inspired relative times possibly fathom thinking winning sick funny game minds amazed continuously write submit type send poems unaffected undistraught joining poemhunter searches classical older poets shakespeare paine bacon byron angelou lowell time main primary focus interest infatuated intelligence rarely future joshua aaron guillory

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