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(Money 6/16) And it is also no wonder that the word ''leg'' found in ''legalism'' is related to the Latin word for currency, ''currere''! Which means ''to run a race/course''! Leg actually in the verb tense means to ''walk/run... a race or course''! Legalism is a quick/fast moving system! It moves at a fast rate! The operation, production, &/ circulation [thereof]! As we see a course is a ''circle''! related to ''circulation''. When you begin a race the time is at a low number but as you make a lap/circle the time has increased! & that is what legalism is, the increasing the value, difference, circulation or procurement of money! So whatever in the legal/false-money making business has to do with money, including you & I, or our so-called value, is & has to do with money! & likewise you see with the English word ledger, deriving from the Latin legger, or ''leg''ger, is a book where money transactions are recorded in the form of debits &/ credits! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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currency currere verb tense means walk run quick moving system moves fast rate operation production thereof related race number lap circle time increased legalism increasing difference circulation procurement legal false making business including called english word ledger deriving latin legger leg ger book money transactions recorded form debits credits joshua aaron guillory

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