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My Beauty. My city is raging, my city lives. The sun rejoices, cool nights, the mountains are. Alma-ata my beauty, a jewel among the mountains, Alma-Ata. Oh, how I love you, green, beauty, carrying without you Alma-Ata. And do not you know, high-rise buildings, mirroring the rock, in their sky blue, rises in the mountains of Alma-Ata. Your prospects are broad, carry me away. All around are covered with carpets of flowers, pleases the eye gaze. Your good boulevards, fountains rustle rushes skyward. The ringing of silver, it has its own music. And you're my one heart, my pearl among the mountains of Alma-Ata. Author: Zhakupova Khadisha
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raging city lives sun rejoices cool nights jewel love green beauty carrying high rise buildings mirroring rock sky blue rises prospects broad carry covered carpets flowers pleases eye gaze good boulevards fountains rustle rushes skyward ringing silver music heart pearl mountains alma ata author zhakupova khadisha

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