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My crime in society is not that I'm a fraud, it's that people believe I'm crazy; they think I'm crazy to believe I can change the world! & therefore they must do everything in their power to destroy/hurt me instead of help me! not realizing that I've basically stood alone throughout the whole thing - up till now! I'm not a liar! everything I say I honestly & truly believe! & if I'm a liar, it's in other people's relative view/my relative view to their belief! People can think that I'm a liar by saying I live in Orange when they think I live in Alaska! I said & felt Alabama would win the championship this year & they did! I felt & based off my reasoning & a dream that the Patriots would beat the Seahawks when they did & they did! & I knew Brady would & have to throw 4 TD's to the win the game! & that the Patriots would win by 4 points in that game! I also knew Eagles would win the Super bowl this year although I wanted Patriots to in a relative-man thought! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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crime society fraud crazy change world power destroy hurt realizing basically stood honestly view belief people liar orange live alaska alabama championship felt based reasoning dream beat seahawks brady throw points game knew eagles win super bowl year wanted patriots relative man thought joshua aaron guillory

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